not-so-girlie trunk

not-so-girlie trunk

Custom painted trunks $175; you provide the trunk

Trunks custom painted just for your little camper or student. You provide the trunk and I’ll paint it and ship it back to you. You will have the most adorable custom painted trunk to treasure forever! Perfect for summer camp, dorm rooms or storage at home.

Send me all the details here. Describe your camper or student; include beloved dogs and cats, favorite colors and patterns, scriptures, tribes, sorority, whatever. You can even upload pictures! I’ll reply with shipping address and ideas.

Trunks are primed, painted with acrylic paint on the top, 2 sides and front and then sealed with several coats of matte finish. Chips and scrapes are bound to happen as they travel, but the trunk will continue to be adorable and treasured with each trip.

DSCN1552Look! Charlie the Kitty is hiding behind the trunk!



Those paw prints are painted with chalk paint just for fun. Please excuse the weeds in my grass!